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Tuesday 12th May 2015


West Sussex | Population pressure | Housing | Conflict | Kenya

Read the article – Farmer rejects £275m from developers for his Sussex land in fight against building sprawl on green areas

Student tasks

Answer the following questions, based on the first seven paragraphs of the article:

  1. What is the Lambs group?
  2. What objections do the Lambs group have to the potential development?
  3. Arable land has been selling for between £7,000 and £10,000 per acre in the southeast of England recently.  The Mayfield Market Town development company are offering £275 million for 550 acres, how much is this per acre?  Why do you think the developers are prepared to pay more than £10,000 per acre for the land?
  4. Apart from the proposed houses, what other infrastructure are the Mayfield Market Town developers offering to build?
  5. What two reasons do the developers think strengthen their position?
  6. Do you think the farmer should sell the land to the developers or not?  Explain your answer.

Extension tasks

  • Use the photograph to generate twenty words to describe the geography in the image above.
  • Compare and contrast the example from West Sussex with the situation in Kenya in this article: Farmers Fight Real Estate Developers for Kenya’s Most Prized Asset: Land

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