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Thursday 26th April 2018


fracking | energy | energy resources

Read the following article from The Independent newspaper about how many fracking wells would be needed to reduce gas imports to the UK . Then use our resources on fracking in the UK to understand the conflicts surrounding the use of this contentious energy resource.

More than 6000 fracking wells needed in UK to halve gas imports, study says

Could the UK to reduce its energy dependency on countries like Russia and France by generating home grown energy? To reduce gas imports alone by 50 per cent, 6100 fracking wells would need to be built. What would the benefits and problems of this suggestion be? Is it a sustainable option for the future of the UK's energy supplies?

  • Which types of energy does the UK import and from whom?
  • How much land would need to be developed to accomodate 6100 fracking wells?
  • What are the positives and negatives of fracking?
  • Is fracking a sustainable option?

Here are some resources to help develop your students knowledge and understanding of fracking and and the issues surrounding its use.

  1. In this resource students will identify what fracking is and begin to recognise some of the pros and cons. There is a card sort activity and exam style questions to develop data response skills.
  2. Debates can be used to help gain an understanding of differing view points towards fracking. In this resource, students consider why fracking may be controversial.

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