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Wednesday 5th November 2014


Shetland Islands | Scottland | Ferry | Transport

Transportation – Starter image

Lesson idea - Where on Earth?

  1. Ask the students to generate ten words that come to mind to describe the scene shown in the image.
  2. Where do the students think the image was taken?  See the OS map available here.
  3. Ask the students to generate a caption for the image.  Are they aware of the ferry in the background as a ship rather than a high rise block of flats?  The image shows The Crown Princess ferry visiting the port of Lerwick on the Shetland Islands.  The ship is passing Ham on the island of Bressay and dwarfs the cottages there.  An alternative view of the cottages is shown here.  The ferry caters for up to 3,080 passengers with 1,200 crew and weighs in at 113,000 tons gross weight.  The Crown Princess is 290 m long, 48 m wide and 59 m high.
  4. Ask the students when they think the image was taken, i.e. the season – The image was taken in August.  The hay and cut grass are clues to a late summer timing for the image.
  5. Ask the students what employment opportunities are available on the Shetland Islands.  The image shows the potential for employment opportunities in agriculture but tourism and other service sector jobs should be mentioned.
  6. Ask the students why the cottages are 'low rise.'  Shetland can experience extremely high winds.  This BBC News article mentions gusts of 162 kmp (101 mph) at Sella Ness in Shetland in 2011 and this Shetland News article from 2013 could be used to differentiate between effect and response.

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