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Wednesday 30th July 2014


Malin | India | Landslide | Monsoon | Holbeck Hotel

Read the Indian landslide article from the BBC website.

Teaching ideas

  • Provide students with a copy of the article and ask them to list the causes of, effects of, and responses to the landslide in Malin.
    • Causes – Monsoon rains as there has been heavy rain for the past two to three days.
    • Effects – A huge area of a hillside has given way, with mud, rocks and water flowing down the slope.  The village of Malin (150 to 200 tribal people) was covered with tonnes of loose earth, mud and rocks.  More than 40 houses were buried under the debris.  At least 10 people have died.
    • Responses – The first teams of emergency workers have arrived in Malin village.  Rescuers are trying to reach survivors caught under the debris.  Two people have been rescued.
  • Compare this LEDC landslide with the loss of the Holbeck Hotel landslide in Scarborough in 1993.
  • Ask the students to research another recent landslide.
  • Ask the students to write a definition for the ten different major types of landslide movement shown in the USGS image above:


Image (Landslide Types and Processes) used courtesy of the US Geological Survey



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