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Thursday 20th November 2014


Buffalo | Hazard | Snow | Storm | Weather | Extreme weather | Disruption

Watch the video and read the BBC article about a recent devastating snowstorm in the USA.

  1. Listen to / watch the interview with James Grimaldi in Buffalo.  Give two reasons why he is unable to leave his house.
  2. List five further effects of the snowstorm.
  3. What is the 'lake effect'?
  4. Approximately how many deaths have there been as a result of the snowstorm across the USA?
  5. List three responses to the snowstorm.
  6. According to the US National Weather Service, what is the current record for a single day's snowfall?
  7. Freezing temperatures have been reported in all 50 states of the USA.  Why have Hawaii and Florida been specifically mentioned?
  8. Give one environmental effect of the cold weather in Texas.
  9. What ten items would you suggest be included in an emergency kit to be used in the event of a severe snowstorm in the UK?
  10. Suggest a caption for the image below.

US deadly snow

An additional BBC news report on the snowstorm is available here.

Updated – The Times newspaper reported (22 November 2014) that the death toll had 'hit 13 and is expected to rise further still as rescue workers free vehicles trapped in deep drifts.' They stated that 'a year's worth of snow had been dumped in a matter of days.'


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