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Wednesday 10th December 2014


Extreme weather | Scotland | Weather | Hazard | Cause | Effect | Response
Read the BBC article  - this describes an Atlantic storm that will bring weather chaos and travel disruption.

'Weather bomb' storm brings disruption to northern UK

  1. What is the meteorological term for the 'weather bomb'?
  2. What wind speeds are being forecast by meteorologists?
  3. How long is the storm forecast to last?
  4. Name two different forms of precipitation associated with this 'weather bomb'?
  5. What effect is the wind having on the waves off of the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides?
  6. List three different ways in which transport is affected by the 'weather bomb'.
  7. How have schools and nurseries been affected in the Western Isles of Scotland?
  8. How might southern and central England and Wales be affected by the storm?
  9. How have electricity companies responded to the storm?
  10. Why is there uncertainty as to the air pressure, exact wind speeds and timings?



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