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Wednesday 11th February 2015


Mediterranean | Push | Pull

Read the BBC news article on a migration disaster here

Using the map and the webpage, answer the following questions:

  1. How many migrants are thought to have died in this latest disaster?
  2. How many survivors have been brought ashore?
  3. Where is Lampedusa?
  4. What countries might these migrants have come from?
  5. Give five reasons why these migrants might have decided to migrate.
  6. Give five reasons why these migrants have been attracted to Italy.
  7. What was the 'Mare Nostrum' operation?
  8. Why might Italy not be the final destination for some of these migrants?
  9. According to the UNHCR, how many people died attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea in 2014?
  10. How many people were rescued in the Mediterranean Sea during 2014?


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