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Thursday 16th July 2015


renewable energy | solar power | energy | energy effeciency | Wales

 Read the article in the Guardian newspaper:

Britain's first 'energy positive' house opens in Wales


  1. Where is the energy positive house located?
  2. How long did the house take to build?
  3. Why is this new house referred to as energy positive?
  4. What happens to the electricity generated that is not immediately used?
  5. How many months of the year is this house expected to export electricity to the National Grid?
  6. What is the return from the house, on £100 spent on electricity?
  7. Which groups of people does the Welsh economy minister, Edwina Hart say this house will benefit?
  8. Does having an energy positive house mean that electricity can be wasted?

Extension task:

Use the information in this article from the UN Environment Programme to explain why energy effeciency in buildings is essential if we are to reduce climate change.


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