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by Teachit
9th March 2017


coastal processes | coastal erosion | sea arch

Read the following articles from The Guardian and The Telegraph newspapers and then complete one of the accompanying resources on coastal processes and landforms.


The Azure Window, a beautiful limestone arch and one of Malta's most famous landmarks, collapsed into the sea during heavy storms on the morning of the 8th March 2017. In 2013, a geological study found that while erosion was inevitable, there was no imminent danger of the structure collapsing, unfortunately this was not the case!

  • What were the physical processes that led to the collapse of this sea arch?
  • What impacts will its collapse have on the local area and the economy?

Here are three resources to support students knowledge and understanding of this sad geographical event.

  1. A sequencing resource which encourages students to sort images in order of their formation.
  2. A series of differentiated homework tasks using a selection of geographical skills that focus on features and examples of coastal erosion.
  3. A great image of a sea arch where students can annotate the different coastal landforms. An excellent starter, plenary or homework resource.




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