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Tuesday 9th May 2017


alternative energy | wind energy | wind farms | wind power

Read the following article from The Guardian newspaper about an offshore wind farm in the Netherlands. Then use our resources on wind farms in the UK to understand how we are further developing this energy resource and the issues related to this.

Full tilt: giant offshore wind farm opens in North Sea

Should wind become a much more utilised source of energy globally? As a giant offshore wind farm opens in the North Sea off the coast of the Netherlands this seems a sensible question to ask! The Dutch hope that this windpark will eventually meet the energy needs of 1.5 million people.

  • Where is the windpark located?
  • What impact do you think this windpark will have on the Dutch people?
  • How much renewable energy will it produce for the country?
  • Why do you think the Dutch may be so keen to develop their renewable energy sources?

Here are three resources to help develop your students knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding renewable energy and wind farms.

  1. In this resource students match up the renewable energy resource with its definition and consider an advantage and disadvantage for each type.
  2. A resource looking at the impacts of wind farms on local communities and environments, using the case study of Den Brook wind farm in Devon, UK.
  3. In this resource, students need to match three different example examination answers to the three different levels from the mark scheme. What grade would you give?


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