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Thursday 7th June 2018


Volcanic eruption | preparation | responses

Read the following two articles on the current volcanic eruption in Guatemala which look at the rescue operations taking place.

1. BBC news: Guatemala volcano: Emergency agency 'failed to heed warnings'

2. The Guardian: Guatemala volcano: fresh eruptions force rescuers to evacuate

Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupted on Sunday 3rd June 2018 and is one of Central America's most active volcanoes. Fuego regularly erupts, but usually these are smaller events which pose little risk. However, Sunday's eruption caused more fatalities than any other previously recorded at Fuego. Why was this the case? Use information from the articles and the linked documents included within them to identify the causes, impacts and responses.

  • What were the causes of the eruption?
  • What were the impacts of the volcanic eruption?
  • What responses have taken place?
  • What issues are being faced by the rescue teams?
  • What criticisms have there been of the energency agencies?

Here are some resources to help further your students knowledge and understanding of volcanic eruptions: their causes, effects and how people respond to and monitor them.

  1. Causes of volcanic eruptions: Why do volcanoes erupt?
  2. Another possible example, with causes, effects and responses: Popocatépetl eruption – cause, effect and response
  3. Monitoring for volcanic eruptions: Predicting volcanic eruptions using GIS




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