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by Teachit
12th July 2018


Heat wave | Weather | UK | Effects of extreme weather

Read the following article from the BBC about the heat wave which hit the UK in June and July 2018.

UK weather: What are the effects of a heat wave?

The Met Office define a heat wave as: "an extended period of hot weather relative to the expected conditions of the area at that time of year." Use the information from the BBC article to create a list of effects.

  • Divide your list into social, economic and environmental effects of the heat wave.
  • Create a venn diagram to show this information, you may find some of the effects are in more than one category.
  • Now divide the list into positive and negative effects.
  • Has the heat wave had a more positive or negative effect for the UK? Or does it depend on which category you are analysing?

Here are some resources to help support your students in the study of heatwaves and extreme weather conditions:

1. An independent web enquiry into the 2017 UK heatwave: UK heat wave

2. A KS3 resource to help students consider the effects of weather on people: How does the weather affect people?

3. The effects of heat waves elsewhere in the world: Wildfire! The 2013 Australian heat wave which could be used as a comparison to the fires in the UK in 2018, and Heat wave! - new records set in the USA

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