Key stage 3 resources

Browse geography resources for key stage 3 students. This collection of teaching resources contains worksheets, exercises, experiments, investigations and games covering key topic areas on the geography curriculum. 

Explore and map the world

Find resources and fieldwork about the world, including:

  • atlases
  • map skills
  • longitude and latitude.

Environment, atmosphere and climate

Find resources on:

  • ecosystems
  • polar regions
  • rainforests
  • weather.

Physical processes

Explore how the world is shaped. Topics include:

  • coasts
  • geology
  • landforms
  • natural hazards.


Explore the natural dangers of the world including:

  • earthquakes
  • tropical storms
  • volcanoes
  • wildfires.

Changing rural environments

Resources include:

  • agriculture
  • settlement
  • sustainability
  • transport.

Changing urban environments

Resources include:

  • industry
  • identity
  • land use
  • regeneration.

Global issues

Find out about and discuss a range of global issues, including:

  • energy
  • inequalities
  • migration
  • population.


All KS3 Resources

All of our KS3 geography resources, including:

  • extreme weather
  • plate boundaries
  • retailing
  • water conflict.

Geography skills resources

Use fun resources and games to teach key geography skills and terminology, including gathering data, statistical work and cross-sections on maps. These resources are designed for KS3, KS4 and KS5 students.

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