Simplify your planning with our scheme of work planner

An easy-to-use interactive tool to help you plan and resource the new AQA Geography GCSE, our planner includes links to the specification and Teachit resources to support your teaching of the AQA Geography GCSE.

Simply move the topic tiles around to build your personalised scheme of work and follow the links to our pick of suitable resources.

Free members can click on the links to access all the PDF resources. Subscribers can access all PowerPoints and Word documents, in addition to saving and printing customised plans.

Please to access AQA Geography GCSE scheme of work



Eugene TampoeEugene Tampoe
very helpful, thanks.
Posted on 26th August 2019
Eugene TampoeEugene Tampoe
for lesson planning and teaching, very useful.
Posted on 22nd August 2019
Eugene TampoeEugene Tampoe
Posted on 22nd August 2019
kent polleykent polley
3 year fab! - needs some more tiles please though.
Posted on 15th June 2019
milly huniamilly hunia
can i add year 10 science as well as the geography

Posted on 8th February 2019
Bahar ErenBahar Eren
Posted on 13th December 2018
Jennifer MilnerJennifer Milner
great resource but I am planning for OCR how can I change the topic content to allow me to create my SOW
Posted on 13th November 2018
Teachit editorTeachit editor
We are currently working on getting a three year template ready for you to use. Will keep you all updated.
Posted on 2nd August 2018
Lee JoyLee Joy
three year plan would be great ,I am looking for it for a long time,thank you.
Posted on 25th July 2018
Matthew StaplesMatthew Staples
It looks great, but I need a three year planner like most of those below. :)
Posted on 28th June 2018
Matthew StaplesMatthew Staples
I'd definitely use this to aid me, except I also need the 3 year version as requested below. If that change can be made that would be fantastic.
Posted on 28th June 2018
Paul HuntPaul Hunt
A three year plan would be great thank you.
Posted on 7th June 2018
Olivia WhiteOlivia White
The two year scheme works perfectly for me and fits well with the lessons I have planned.
For those who need a three year scheme, until TeachIt have one there is multiple options for one on:
Posted on 15th April 2018
Paul DouglasPaul Douglas
3 year GCSE template please.
Posted on 12th April 2018
Henson KellyHenson Kelly
This is good . However we would need a 3 year version . Thanks
Posted on 10th April 2018
Stephen DightStephen Dight
3 year option would be great!
Posted on 9th April 2018
B DugganB Duggan
Most schools that i know of are teaching the GCSE over 3 years, therefore a 3 year option would be much better. Looks interesting, but better with a year 9, 10, 11 version. Thanks
Posted on 25th February 2018
frances jellyfrances jelly
I would like a three year option please
Posted on 13th February 2018
Teachit Teachit
Thank you for your comment. This SOW planner is based on 2 hours teaching time a week (taken from guidance from the Department for Education and the AQA spec). A three year option is something we can look into depending on interest.
Posted on 8th February 2018
Mareanna IngramMareanna Ingram
This looks like a fantastic tool. I would like to know how many hours a week teaching time this is based on, please. Can it be edited to add a year 9 table?
Posted on 4th February 2018
Stephen SchwabStephen Schwab
To see suggested 2 yr SoW. good idea.
Posted on 18th October 2017


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