Geography transition resources

Ensure your new starters develop the skills they need to become confident geographers with our selection of resources to ease the transition from primary to secondary school.

What is geography?

Explore the study of geography by looking at:

  • what geography is
  • the three types of geography.

Introduction to map skills

Investigate what maps are and how they can be used:

  • different types of maps
  • mapping your area.

Direction and distance

Understand how distance and direction can be shown on maps with our resources on:

  • compass directions
  • scale lines.

Map symbols

Ideas for learning and using OS map symbols in a creative way:

  • games
  • create your own maps.

Grid references

Explore how to precisely locate places on maps using:

  • four figure grid references
  • six figure grid references.

Height on maps

Identify how height can be shown on maps using:

  • map cross sections
  • contour lines.

Atlas skills

Investigate atlases to learn about the world using:

  • latitude and longitude
  • locational knowledge
  • enquiry and research skills.

Revision and summary of skills

Resources to summarise and assess learning:

  • revision mat
  • games
  • assessment ideas.

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