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Welcome to Teachit's library of Geography teaching resources

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Welcome back!

May you live in interesting times’ is possibly a translation of a traditional Chinese curse.

The new KS3 geography curriculum has been described as ‘interesting’ and this month will witness some interesting changes in KS3 classrooms.

We’ve been working to help you make a smooth transition into the new curriculum – have a look below.

Chris Smart

Resources for the new curriculum

Many schools begin Y7 geography in September with map work and their local geography. With the introduction to contour lines, the four figure grid references resources and this month's free symbols on maps resources, you'll have mapped your route through the start of term and the new curriculum with ease.

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Share your (new) resources

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Your submission doesn't have to be pretty, just relevant - if it's worked for your students, we'd like to see it. It could be a starter, a lesson, a plenary or ... well, the choice is yours!

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A free KS3 map work resource

Free for this month only – the Word document and PDF of one of our most popular downloads and 'loved' by many teachers.

The Santa Rosa map mystery is an innovative approach to symbols on maps. I would have definitely used this when I was teaching the topic. 

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