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Time for revision

The Easter holidays provide teachers with a welcome two weeks away from the classroom but also mean two weeks away from the students.  Will they revise through the holidays?  The first GCSE and AS examinations are in mid-May and that’s only a few weeks away!

Revision for any examination is obviously very important and we all know the sooner you begin, the better the result(s).  One way of helping their revision could be by using our interactive activities.  

We have a wealth of these and the students will be revising without even realising it!  To help your students I’ve chosen three of our most popular interactive downloads and they are free to all for this month.


Chris Smart, Editor

KS4 Migration – push or pull?

In this resource, twenty possible reasons for a person choosing to migrate are given and the students need to sort these into either push or pull categories. They can even check their answers.

»Find this migration resource

KS4 River processes

Can your students explain the difference between abrasion and attrition? Rivers are always a popular examination topic and this interactive resource asks students to match processes to the correct definitions.

»Find this KS4 river processes resource

KS5 A shrinking world

How have communications changed over time? This sequencing activity requires the students to arrange the thirteen advances in communications into the correct chronological order. This interactive allows them to check their progress.

» Find this KS5 communications resource

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