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Satellite image of Hurricane Floyd. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 3 Oct 2014.

Autumnal days

Misty mornings, darker evenings and a chill in the air … autumn has arrived and the summer is rapidly becoming a distant memory.

October is the anniversary of the record breaking Hurricane Wilma. If you’re teaching weather this month, use the free resource below to inspire your students.

Chris Smart

Free KS4 weather resource

Weather and climate odd one out (KS4) is a thinking skills activity.  It could be used as an introduction to the topic to gauge understanding or as a revision exercise at the end of the topic. It’s free to all this month..

Find more weather resources

A teacher of many talents?

As school budgets are more and more stretched, teachers are asked to teach subjects outside of their specialism. ‘You could take a KS3 History/Science/etc. class couldn’t you?’ is a common question. If this sounds familiar, are you aware of the other Teachit sites to help you with your lessons? You don't need to reinvent the wheel!

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KS3 ‘Place’ resource competition

In line with the new curriculum, we want to collect together some of your classroom favourites for teaching about ‘place’. If you’ve made a KS3 resource on any aspect of ‘place’, why not enter it into our competition? Whether it’s a worksheet, card sort, DME, game, issues activity or statistics exercise, we’d love to see it!

You could win:

  • your choice of three titles from the GA KS3 Geography Teachers’ Toolkit series
  • one class set of secondary atlases from Oxford University Press (your choice from: geog.atlas; Oxford School Atlas; Oxford Student Atlas)
  • one year’s Teachit Geography subscription (individual or department)
  • £25 worth of John Lewis vouchers.

Simply attach your files to an email with the subject line Teachit Geography competition and send it to:

The deadline for entries is October 31st.



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