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Welcome to Teachit's library of Geography teaching resources

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Can it be March already?

The middle of the month sees the start of the 66th Formula One season with 22 drivers representing 11 teams contesting 20 Grand Prix around the world. It's a great time to service your teaching and tune it so that it is running like a well-oiled racing car. Get into pole position with our news based blog, encourage teamwork with our interactive resources and share your winning ideas with us here at Teachit Geography.

Have a great month – in the fast lane!

Chris Smart


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Get into pole position

Have you seen our new geography blog? It’s linked to events in the news to provide a topical and instant lesson idea but we’ve designed the questions so that they can still be used for some considerable time after the event has long since vanished from the news.

» Take a look at the 'Geography in the news' blog


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Encourage teamwork

Explore and demonstrate Geography onscreen, create and save your own activities, make printable versions, or play our ready-to-go games ... the choice is yours. Many of the interactive resources are ideal for team competitions as a lesson pleenary.

» Try our interactive resources

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Share your winning ideas

Have you generated any new resources for the new KS3 curriculum? Share them with other teachers and start earning royalties and gain free access to Teachit Geography.

Your submission doesn't have to be pretty, just relevant - if it's worked for your students, we'd like to see it. It could be a starter, a lesson, a plenary or ... well, the choice is yours!

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