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Tectonic activity

I was astonished recently to find that there had been more than nine metres of seafloor spreading under the Pacific Ocean in my lifetime. I taught plate movement as the speed of fingernails or hair growing, so the scale of the movement surprised me.

November is the anniversary of the Lisbon earthquake, one of the deadliest earthquakes ever and its European location often surprises students. It’s a good reason to highlight tectonics this month.


Chris Smart

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Geography in the news

Have you seen the new Teachit Geography blog? There are already two postings on the topic of tectonics, which could form the foundation of two great lessons. The 'Disaster on Mt Ontake, Japan' and 'How do you stop the flow of lava?' provide links to additional material and videos to make the subject come alive in the classroom.

The blog is growing all the time – keep an eye on it!


What to do when an earthquake happens

The Word version of this resource is free to all for November. It's an excellent quick starter activity where students rank items for an earthquake emergency kit. It will quickly lead to focused discussions and develop reasoning skills.




Current earthquakes and volcanoes



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