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A writing frame for a newspaper article (an earthquake hazard)Share this resource on TwitterShare this resource on Facebook

From the resource collection(s): Templates

Students research and report the 2011 eastern Turkish earthquakes. A writing frame template is provided to structure a front page article suitable for a national newspaper. Links and tips are provided for support. The resource is quickly and easily adaptable for any natural disaster.      

Published: 13/09/2012  KS3 KS4 | Hazards | Teaching tools

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The plan is to use the resource in an EAL context. Students will talk about examples of natural disasters in their own countries first. They'll locate positions on the map provided with this resource. After reading a simplified article about a specific disaster from an ELT Course book and analysing the language used (also fact v opinion), they'll then plan an article about a disaster from their own country using the writing frame. If any students don't know about a natural disaster, they can choose to research facts about one of the Turkish earthquakes.